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Need a natural perspective on attacking your cold?

Feeling stuffy, headache, throat sore?  Try to have  olive leaf every four hours even long after you start feeling better. This way you keep your good gut flora and avoid the antibiotics. Rebuild with Probiotics (Nucific, apple cider vinegar, Healthy Trinity, etc) in water with lemon and ginger to alkalize. Minerals for that too(pink sea salt). They say disease cannot live in an alkaline, well oxygenated body.(water:)

No gluten
No dairy (mucus).  
No sugar (yeast/bacteria).

Lot's of hormone/gmo/pesticide/cage/grain 'free' bone broth.(Preferably bird, pollock). 

Good time to heal the lining of your gut try to avoid drinking alcohol:). If you have it as soup, NO noodles and no meat while you're sick. Let your body focus on healing.  Plant based foods are easier for our bodies to break down.  Think of a Gorilla... what do they eat?  Fruits and Vegetables.   And unless you have pneumonia, you DON'T need antibiotics. They do more bad than good in this case. You can always Google the difference between bacterial and a viral infections.

Been studying a bacteria called Mycoplasma for the last 2 years for 1-3 hours a day trying trying to make sense of a very complicated little bug responsible for so many illnesses(including the common cold) and like the legal and tax code, microbiology is very complex.  Working on laying it out in an easy to understand language in a website called coming very soon. Strategic protocols including antibiotics are needed for each individual strain so the global market for Mycoplasma testing is growing at a staggering pace as people with Cancer tumors, Lyme, Gulf War Syndrome and neurological disorders discover that this little bug is quite possibly a culprit.  There's a plethora of antibacterial herbs in capsule form and tinctures I would recommend but so far olive leaf seems to be the kryptonite for Mycoplasma.

Ultimately if you focus on avoiding the things that may stress your body out while you are trying to fight off the overload of distress you can recover quicker and get back to your normal activities.  For me a here is a sample schedule of what I might do to heal quick:

  1. Don't eat for 24 hours
  2. DO drink at least 50% of your body weight in ounces
    • Spring Water
    • Distilled water with added minerals (concentrace by Trace Minerals is great)
    • Oxygenated water with added minerals
    • Tea
    • Lemon water
    • Coconut Water
  3. When you do eat keep it easy and simple:
    • Veggie Broth
    • Chicken Bone Broth
    • Sour fruits (lemon, lime, grapefruit, green apple, berries)
    • Sweet potato
    • Banana
    • Avocado

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