Natren Probiotics

Just diagnosed with Alzheimers or Dementia - what if it were reversible?

By changing your lifestyle you can get back your health...


Step 1:   
Go to a high good fats, good foods, protein diet for 14 days. After 14 days make sure to balance better by having 80% veggies and 20% proteins and fats.  See The Chart on this article:

Step 2:
Coconut oil -Nutiva or other
good source
with a company that tests for Mercury and other known toxins
​ to make sure it's safe​
- eat it twice daily, use in recipes, put in shakes

Step 3:
Pink Himalayan sea salt in everything 
​ONLY pink himalayan (other salts are bad, have fillers and synthetic contents)​

Step 4:
Centrophenoxine - Dmae combined with a plant based growth hormone. Helps your cells flush the proteins making your mind sharper.
​ Available online at Amazon.​

Step 5: For Daily Nutrients - Twice Daily
Jarrow Whey - Ultrafiltered and Unflavored is great place to buy all supplements in the US.​

Step 6: For Depresssion and Anxiety
​Step 7:
Add 4 -10 poached eggs or sunny side up (pasture raised eggs, not fed grain ever = gluten free eggs).  

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