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America Is Infected - Book Summary

America is Infected is illuminating, empowering, heart wrenching and quite honestly gave me a new found spark of hope.  For so long my own journey has led me to research ideas, tests, protocols and programs.  Many may seem out of the box, not the standard way and that is ok with me; however, it is inherently impossible to have a conversation about any of it with a doctor as of yet.  But if you want to live wouldn't you try everything?  Ask every question?  Seek to understand? If there was a test that could give you more information, would you not want to know more about it.  This book gives me hope that there are doctors out there that we can go to, we just need to dig a little deeper.  When you are trying to heal from the inside out it can be difficult to find a doctor who believes you can.

In this book some key ideas were brought to light:
  1. Chronic Strep, Sinusitis - go see an immunologist, ENT
  2. Not all behavioral disorders are pyschological, bacteria and virus can cause abnormal behavior (ie... Turrets, ODD, Conversion Disorder, Unruly Conduct, Maniac, Bi-Polar)
  3. RSD
  5. PANS
  6. Mycoplasma
  7. BioFilm
  8. Mold
  9. Hashimotos
  10. Superbug 19A
If you are suffering from a degenerative issue, psychological, consistent infections, headaches, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, memory loss, body aches and pains, arthritis, ibs, chrons, ALS, Post traumatic stress, Gulf War syndrome,  MS, Alzheimers, Dementia or other disorder.. are all finding one thing in common... Mycoplasma.   

America is Infected is a story of one mom's commitment and dedication to helping her children no matter the odds.  Furthermore she offers proof that her issues and her children stemmed from a bacteria known as mycoplasma.  I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for more answers into how to heal themselves, their family or friends from the inside out. Understanding the core reason to your problems offers one more key to a better day.

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