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Stop the joint and chronic pain

People often ask me... "what did you do to stop the chronic knee pain", "did you really stop your endometriosis pain"?  The answer is with Dandelion root and yes I did.  

It's amazing now when I think back to how much pain I was in.  I had, had 2 surgeries on my knee and 3 surgeries on my endometriosis but the pain persisted.  It wasn't until I was so completely in pain that I finally decided I needed to change.  Why does it take so long for some of us to accept that deep down inside we do really know what to do with most choices we are faced with; however, somewhere along the line we convince ourselves otherwise, make excuses and justify why anything happens the way it happens. "Oh it's ok, I can have that cobbler it's just apples", or "I'll have the pasta it's gluten free so that's good for me, right?  These items and many others not only mess with digestion, they can aid to diabetes and create new inflammation in the body.  

 Until I chose to just let go I was never more clear on what I needed to do.  Things are the way they are for a reason, and all of us we were made with different levels of tolerance.  I had to accept that I am one of those people who's sensitivity to foods can be extreme.   Interestingly enough is that I see  it as been a blessing in disguise.  Ever since I started living this new nutritional way I have never felt better.  I'm amazed at my energy level... the loss of 35 pounds, the condition of my nails, hair and the relief from chronic pain.  It truly is amazing.

 Below are the ingredients that I use on a daily basis.
  1. Dandelion Powder a teaspoon to a tablespoon 2x's a day mixed with water (CLICK HERE) 
  2. Teaspoon of CALM magnesium:(CLICK HERE
  3. Concentrace Trace Minerals:  (CLICK HERE)
  4. Liquid Multi Vitamin with / minerals by Trace Minerals (CLICK HERE)
The above is what I can't live without when it comes to beating inflammation while giving my body the best opportunity to heal itself and absorb what I am eating.  If you buy all of this from Vitacost there shouldn't be any shipping charges as any order $45 gains you free shipping. Be prepared to need to use the potty :)....  The dandelion will help you release any unnecessary fluids that your body may be holding on to...  but don't worry it's loaded with potassium so it won't deplete that while it's working.  If you are serious about relieving your pains naturally then Dandelion root is a great way to go.  I can't be sure exactly how many days it took for me to reach a pain free day.  But I am going to guess and say that it was about 2 months.  I just remember waking up one morning and noticing that the pains were gone.  Amen.  What a breath of fresh air, I could walk without pain.  I felt so good I told my husband that I felt good enough to go for a run.  I noticed about a month later that my endometriosis pains had gone as well.  To this day I am still pain free and I still take this recipe everyday.

READ MORE ABOUT DANDELION HERE:  http://imholistic.blogspot.


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