Natren Probiotics



Try this salad to give you a powerful boost.   Whether you are Paleo, Vegan or just looking for a well rounded meal this combination just might do the trick.  Loaded with nutrition, digestive enzymes, proteins, vitamins, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, can help aid in absorption, reduce inflammations, can help in reversing disorder and help create an alkaline friendly environment.   

Kale (handful)
Spinach (handful)
Dandelion (half handful)
Broccoli (2 tablespoons)
Berries  (2 tablespoons)
Flaxseeds  (1 teaspoon)
Lentils  (1 tablespoon)
Avocados (1/2 chopped and somewhat mashed)
Black or Adzuki beans (1 tablespoon)
Squash  (2 tablespoons)
Raw almonds (1 tablespoon)
Walnuts  (1 teaspoon)
Garlic     (1 clove)
Turmeric  (1/4 teaspoon sprinkled)
Cayenne   (1/4 teaspoon sprinkled)

With this recipe add a 1 teaspoon of Grapeseed Oil or Hemp Oil and let the avocado blend with the oil.  Add a dash of  sea salt 

You can also add balsamic or other vinegar options for flavor as needed

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