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Is Candida the missing link to your unexplained health issues?

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Yeasts are single cell fungi living organisms that are neither animal nor vegetable. They live on the surfaces of all living things, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and your body. They're a part of the "microflora" which contribute in various ways to the health of their host. Yeast itself is nutritious, and small amounts of yeast give bread its light taste. To understand Candida I recommend buying the book "The Yeast Connection".
Is Candida the missing link to your unexplained health issues? 

New Medical discovery courtesy of the Rockefeller University...
The Nuclear Periphery and the Oncogenic Protein Mlp/Tpr: Functional Studies of its Yeast Homolog
As reported by The Rockefeller University the instructions encoded in the DNA presented in each cell are at the heart of regulating cell growth and development in organisms as diverse as yeast and humans. Exciting recent discoveries point to how it is not just changes in the instructions themselves, but how they are organized and controlled, that cause cancers.

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