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How do I help Acid Reflux

Acid reflux (GERD) why do we get it, and how do we help stop it?

The human body genuinely wants to find balance, in all forms -- GERD or acid reflux is simply a result of a long-standing pH imbalance. When too much acidic food is consumed, the stomach can not digest it completely. The excess undigested food then turns into acid waste, which causes stomach spasms or twitching leading to an increase in stomach gas. The gas increases and forces open the valve between the esophagus and stomach allowing stomach acid to retreat into the esophagus.

If you can take a moment to imagine a garbage can vs. a compost pile.. have you ever watched the rate at which live food metabolizes?  Have you ever seen your trash after a week of piling garbage and processed foods into it?   The live raw vegetables and fruit will metabolize, flatten out and become a useful gardening fertilizer where as the toxic garbage and processed foods will remain unchanged and if left over a period of time will spill over the top of your can.  Without the proper balance of live alkaline foods to help metabolize your a acidic high in protein foods your body will become overloaded and overwhelmed spilling over creating acid reflux.

For both immediate and long-term survival, the body must maintain balance between acidity and alkalinity. In fact, the link between dietary pH balance and various health issues has been recognized by physicians since the early 20th century.  Recently studies have shown that our protein intake has increased substantially, primarily due to the wide availability of protein that is available on a daily basis. Since protein is now a significant component of most meals, the bulk of the current American diet consists primarily of foods that leave an acidic residue within the body. This occurs when food is metabolized and broken down, leaving certain chemical and metallic residues which yield either acid or alkaline potentials of pH for the body.

Acid reflux sufferers know the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated, but most have never considered that water that is highly alkaline, with a pH of 9.0-the highest can be 100 times more effective in neutralizing acid in the body than ordinary bottled water.  Drinking distilled water and adding Trace Minerals 'Concentrace' can help your body achieve better alkalinity.

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