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Prevention or Cure

The majority of people wait until a symptom presents itself before they feel it is worth doing something about it, what if you could eliminate or reduce any potential symptoms from occurring?  Generally, symptoms are an expression of your body telling you that something is not in balance.  Balance after all is the key. When your body is alkaline, disease can find no place to call home.  

For many including myself this has become our cure.  What does it mean to be alkaline?  How can it help your symptoms?  Alkalinity is referred to as the pH, it is determined by the concentration of Hydrogen ions in a substance such as water, blood or food. On a scale from 1 - 14, a pH level of 7.0 is considered neutral, 7.0 downwards is increasingly acidic and upwards of 7.0 is increasingly alkaline. Our bodies are alkaline by design and acidic by function and we need both. The human body has adapted to two types of digestion, alkaline for starches and acid for proteins, but true health lives in an alkaline state.

Good health needs a balanced equilibrium and this is achieved by maintaining a basic pH balance of acid and alkalinity.  Edgar Cayce, was among the first to let us know that disease cannot live in an alkaline environment. Since then many studies have been conducted to document this as truth.  It is said that you can drink a lemon squeezed in your water every day can help you achieve alkalinity.
Any number of bodily fluids can have a small chemical fluctuation at anytime which may show a strong implication towards health or illness. For example a change of only a few degrees of body heat can cause severe sickness or even death.  PH balance has been identified by biochemists and medical physiologists as a one of the most important aspects of a balanced healthy body. A pH of 7.4 is considered desirable for the human body. A drop in blood pH level to a reading of 6.95 can lead to serious health risks, such as coma or death.

Prevention can be better than a cure.  Saying you are what you eat really has more meaning than once first thought, just ask Thomas Edison who said over 100 years ago, "Doctors of the future will prescribe no medicines, but will prescribe food and will interest their patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

When the body is alkaline the body is given the maximum opportunity to perform at it's highest capacity.  To achieve this daily it is best to follow a nutritional plan that includes fresh, raw organic vegetables and fruits.   Dark green and orange veggies have the highest nutritional value. Research indicates that phytochemicals from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower, as well as turnips and kale support the detoxification processes within the body.  Be sure that your diet contains adequate protein to supply the building materials necessary for tissue repair.  For animal protein, free-range or organically raised meats and poultry or wild game are our best choices. Fresh fish is also an excellent source of protein.

The best way to help your balance is to eat a variety of foods and rotate your selections so that you can stop any reactions that may happen from specific foods. Water is very important to help flush wastes and toxins out of our body. You should drink at least 8 -10 oz glasses of distilled water each day, make sure to add 'Concentrace' by Trace Minerals to help replace essential minerals that can assist your body with alkalinity. If you don't feel that you can drink that much plain water everyday, green tea, herbal teas or squeeze a lemon into your water and this will give you variety plus an excellent source of even more antioxidants.

To stay alkaline avoid... Carbonated drinks, sugar, processed foods, over eating acidic foods

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