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The Magic Pill?

Everyone is searching for the magic pill... the magic pill to health, youth, no more aches and pains, weight loss and more.  While you can take a pill that says it will change your life the truth is the only way to really to change your life is to work on it from the inside out.   Secondly, The trouble with most pills is that their effect only lasts so long and may create other health concerns for you to fight later on in life.  Is it really worth the risk?  What if there was another way to at least try?

If you have an ache or pain most take ibuprofen, aspirin, acetaminophen... the pain is dulled or becomes non-existent generally; however, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why the pain and ache presented itself in the first place?  Obviously if you were recently injured this is your main contributor.  For many others their experience with pain is hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and so on.  This is known as a chronic pain and for many it feels like it will never go away.  For many there is no diagnosis and for others it looks like chronic fatigue, fibromyalsia, diabetes or any other number of pain causing disorders.  The truth is in the discovery.

First, If you experience chronic pain then you should ask yourself why?  How?  When?  The best way to help identify what may be contributing to your pain is to start a journal.  Write about what you eat daily, the time, portions, whether you exercised, worked, drove around in your car, read a book, sat at the computer, watched tv.. etc.  Then write about your pain.  Give your pain a 1-10 scale 1 being great 10 being the worst, build your own special code.  Note in your journal how you feel when you wake up, how you feel mid day, if anything significant chances with any of your activities, and then again before you go to sleep at night.  It is important to note any changes before, during or after your activities.  By doing this it may help you identify patterns or possible items that may be contributing to your pains.

Second, start an elimination diet.  Take the next 4 weeks to rule out foods that may be causing the pain.  Remove everything except for green vegetables, sour fruits, fish, nuts and seeds.  For the first week eat any number of combinations you like of that list at anytime during the day. Drink plenty of distilled water with added Trace Minerals - Concentrace.  In the middle of week 2 introduce one item not on your list, whichever you crave the most, document how you feel before, during and after.  Continue to drink plenty of distilled water with added Trace Minerals - Concentrace.  At the end of week 3 add another item you are craving the most, document how you feel before, during and after.  Drink plenty of distilled water with Trace Minerals - Concentrace.  You are now at the end of week 4 you decide add or take away whatever you like.  Make sure to document the before, during and after.  Drink plenty of distilled water with Trace Minerals - Concentrace.  

By utilizing all of your journal activity you now have a great way to see what has been working for you.  By charting your progress each week you gain a great starting point to truly understanding what helps you understand your personal needs.  You'll know what truly makes you happy and what truly stresses you out.  From here you can determine which foods serve a purpose for you and which foods do not.  You'll be amazed at how easy it is to feel this, to understand this and to be able to now make better choices because of it.  

By doing these steps you'll discover the best way to your best is just to listen to yourself.  Pay attention to which foods make you feel great.... to which ones make you feel bad.  You choose based upon the experience of knowing how things make you feel.  The trick is to pay attention.. this is where most of us fail, somewhere along the way we forgot to pay attention.  One second, one moment and life goes on, but if we don't stop to pay attention, attention will pay us.  Just be, everybody, just be.  Make sure to write about it, remember it, embrace it, accept it.  Watch how things change in your life.  Write about your life as if you were the main character of your very own movie.   Stop for a moment to pay attention with appreciation.  Your Journey... Your Journal.... You are Your own Magic Pill.

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