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You are fine, until you are not.

Why wait until your body screams at you for help?

Lately, I've been generically taken a survey to try and understand the state of our minds as it pertains to our health and every time I ask people about their nutrition, health, etc.... here are some of the responses... 

"I'm fine"
"There's nothing wrong with me"
"I don't need a probiotic"
"I watch what I eat"
"My doctor didn't tell me to do that"
"I don't have any problems".. "and the problems I do have are because of..."

What people aren't taking into consideration is the fact that our society does not do well with "in moderation".  And unfortunately a lot of this is out our control at this point as the world of food has gone ahead and put sugar, preservatives, dyes and other unnecessary additives in our food.  Combine that with GMO's(genetically modified) and processed foods and you find yourself in a world full of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert with no viable nutrients to offer you or anyone.  If you are not eating completely organic, pulling it from your garden,  getting it from the farmers market (it's all range free, no antibiotics, steroids or hormones) then you are starving your body of what it really needs.

How does disease start?
Disease does not just show up.  Last week a friend told me that their father was just diagnosed with  pancreatic cancer, one day he was fine and then he wasn't.  It's the "he was fine, until he wasn't" that kills me to hear.    Doesn't that suggest that the issues already existed?  Disease can come from many sources.... genetics, nutrition, environment, etc.  The one thing that we have the most control over is our nutrition.

Most of us already believe the proof is in disease and what we say causes it...
  • Excessive Smoking can cause lung disease, heart disease, cancer, copd and more
  • Excessive Drinking can cause liver failure, cancer, stroke, and more
  • Excessive Eating can cause obesity, diabetes, allergies, flu, IBS, acid reflux, heart attack, cancer,  and more

Why wait to take care of your health until your body is screaming at you to do so?  You can start now.  If you think you are healthy because you don't have any symptoms... think again.  Remember we are fine, until we are not.  You can reverse and prevent the majority of disorders by giving your body the nutrients and fuel it needs to get and stay healthy.

If it is possible for smoking, drinking and eating to cause disease on an excessive level would it not then suggest that it could cause disease on any level?  Would this then not make us want to find out what it is about these items that could cause disease?  Especially the most important one of all... eating.

For those who are interested in avoiding the doctor and hospital visits the clear path is to understand how and what your body needs in order to get healthy.  The best place to start is with what you eat.  Focus on eating only organic raw foods, make your own meals, stay away from sugar, processed meals and quick fixes unless it comes from a raw carrot, an apple, broccoli, etc.  Secondly, get a great probiotic our bodies need 90% good bacteria all the time in order for it to function properly, anything less and you leave your immune system open for an attack.

As I heal myself and watch others heal themselves I am finding that this just makes sense.  I hope it comes to make sense for you too.   Please be advised that this is not a quick fix and for some it can take years to reverse the damage already done.

The key to your physical happiness is with your nutrition.

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