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Distilled water and how it can benefit you.

With an environment full of toxins my only choice for drinking water is 'distilled'.  There are a lot great water filters out there that claim to filter all of the impurities from our water; however, there is only one way to make sure the water we drink is pure and that is to drink distilled.  Distilled water is great; however, it is not perfect.  If left alone it is considered acidic in the body, and with the goal of maintaining maximum alkalinity an acidic glass of water will work against you.  The best way to make your water alkaline is to give it back what you need most.. 'minerals'.  

Trace minerals Research is a company out of Salt Lake UT that has been farming essential minerals from the dead sea now for over 35 years and they have a great product called "Concentrace".  'Concentrace' allows you to add a couple of drops to your water to help replace some of those lost nutrients.  

Why do we need minerals?  The earth contains a perfect balance of all the nutrients humans need to be healthy and happy. The problem is soil-nutrient depletion. Over the years, soil erosion and aggressive farming practices have depleted the essential nutrients in crops, and human nutrition has suffered. Dr. U. Aswathanarayana states, “When people consume a diet derived from crops grown in nutrient-deprived soil, their intake of essential elements becomes inadequate. This leads to the impairment of relevant physiological functions and causes disease.”

Minerals help rebalance the body by reversing the effects of the water cycle. Instead of relying on the soil to provide all the minerals and trace elements we need, you supplement with an excellent mineral source straight from the shores of the Great Salt Lake.

By aiding Concentrace to your water you can help your body find a balanced spectrum of minerals and trace elements.

Another great way to alkaline your distilled water is to add a squeezed lemon per quart, this is also a great way to start your day and help your body achieve maximum alkalinity.

Aswathanarayana, U. Professor. Trace Substances Environment and Health. Science Reviews, London, 1:1994, pp. 222-223.
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