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Beating the common cold naturally

Many times I've been sick in the past from the common cold until I learned how to beat it naturally.  I have helped countless people get thru their symptoms with this formula and one of my best cases was a little story about my roommate.

Every fall and spring my roommate would first show signs of a cold with the coughing and sneezing, then that would turn into bronchitis which would eventually turn into pneumonia.  This process generally lasted 3 very painful weeks and included alot of hacking and nose blowing.  He did the below formula and has added "Calm" and "Fenuthyme" to his daily regimen upping his intake of Fenuthyme when seasonal allergens present themselves and has experienced 3 seasons without any further battles.

Below is a formula that I take as soon as I feel anything trying to take a hold of me.  In the past I've only needed to do this formula for the duration of "The Wellness Formula" then I stopped using the formula.  Now I too take "Calm" and "Fenuthyme" as a preventative and have changed my diet to eliminate all sugars, grains and dairy.  Also when the seasonal  allergens are present, I have added "Nettles" as an all natural anti-histamine.

Crucial for Wellness quickly:
      Take as directed: (unless otherwise suggested)
  • The Wellness Formula (FOLLOW THE 6 every 3 hours directions) - Helps rebuild immune system while fighting off the germs with a natural antibiotic formula
  • Calm magnesium - Helps with stress and absorption
  • Fenuthyme (fenugreek and thyme) - Helps with drainage and is a natural germ killer
  • Probiotics  - Helps give your body good bacteria to rebuild your immune system
  • Megasorb - B Complex by Solgar - Aids body with crucial elements in handling stress, pain, memory, hair, skin, nails and energy supply
  • Zinc - Immune booster
  • Ester C - Immune booster
 Other Supplements that Help Are:
 Other Suggestions that Help Are:

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