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Why I chose Chiropractic to help me heal...

I was born a breach baby which meant I was trying to come out backwards, that in itself makes me wonder if I started questioning the process from inside the womb?  Was there a better way for me to make my entrance?  Or maybe I was really saying no, no I'm not ready just leave me be.   Either way it has always got me thinking of new ways of doing things.  Ask questions.  Your questions are important and especially if they pertain to you, your health and well being.

Whether it was the fact that I ended up being pulled out by forceps or just that I was lucky I developed scoliosis early on and my dad elected to take me to the chiropractor to get me straightened out.  Some will say that my dad was crazy for taking me, while others will say that was the smartest move he ever made. I believe in chiropractic as long as you find one that has the same purpose as you do... to help your body heal itself from the inside out.

Over the years I've probably seen 10 different chiropractors and while they all had their good parts I had reached a point that I did not feel like my body was healing anymore.  I had plateaued.  I don't blame them, I blame myself for not paying attention to my body.  It was time to find someone who could make a difference.  I knew there were still issues going on internally and I knew that the only way to turn the power on was to find that doctor that could take me to the next level.

In 2010, I found her Dr. Dionne Kellogg of New Life Chiropractic a Maximized Living Center in Brentwood TN.  Since beginning my treatment with her my neck has already experienced a 9% curve increase.  This was an increase on a neck that was trying to go the wrong way with no curve whatsoever.  My headaches were non-stop, my immune system kept crashing which brought on more allergies.  Since I started seeing her my headaches are almost non-existent and my body is feeling better than it has in a very long time.  Partner my visits to her with good nutrition and I now have a body that is working together to heal me.

Take a moment to read "who needs chiropractic" I only want to pass on information to you that has helped improve my health by leaps and bounds, and after you read this hopefully you'll see why it can help you too.

Who Needs Chiropractic?

Did you know that every nerve traveling down the spinal column connects to every organ and cell inThe Spine your entire body?

Chiropractic is for anyone who has a spine.

For ultimate health?
Did you know that when a spinal bone (vertebra) is out of alignment, it can interfere with the messages sent throughout your body meant to heal itself. If the affected nerve happens to be carrying a message to the kidneys, the function of the kidneys can be altered. If the nerve is taking instructions from the brain to the heart, that organ's function may be disrupted.
The fact is, the health of every part of the body depends on the proper flow of nerve energy. If that normal flow is interrupted or interfered with, the result is dis-ease. Some part of the body will not be able to function at peak performance.
Chiropractic care offers an opportunity to locate misalignments in the vertebrae, called subluxations. Once a  spinal adjustment is used to correct these subluxations the bones are then allowed to go back to their proper positions, allowing for normal energy flow.
Only then can the body continue its natural effort to maintain optimum health.

Healing energy
The body often has the ablity to heal itself with proper Chiropractic care.  Patients all around the world report that chiropractic helped "cure" them of headaches, chloesterol, sinus problems, high blood pressure, ear infections, leg pain, arthritis, asthma and many other illnesses.

Many had been suffering for years with their condition Some had tried medication or even surgery, but nothing seemed to help. That's because medication and surgery can't restore the normal functioning of a part of the body. Only the body's wisdom itself can do that. When these people found chiropractic, the actual cause of the problem -- the nerve interference -- was corrected. Their bodies were able to work properly and regain their healthy balance.
Chiropractic is another piece in the balance of ultimate health and has helped many people overcome many conditions that have ailed them for years.

How it works?
Chiropractic is not a cure and it's important to know that it does not treat illness, rather it helps restore the normal flow of life energy throughout the body. After the interference is eliminated, the body's own healing power takes over.
Just as dis-ease is caused by interference in the normal flow of energy, health depends on having a normal flow of energy.
In other words, everyone needs to make sure their bodies are free from subluxations and able to function at peak performance. That's why we ALL need regular chiropractic visits.

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