Natren Probiotics

An anti aging combo that works...

I'm a big fan of eating raw green vegetables and it has been discovered that the same substance that makes Pink flamingos pink is the salmon substance fueling salmon.  

Introducing Astaxanthin a microalgae (the green vegetable from the sea)... 

When it comes to free radical scavenging, astaxanthin can be as much as…

  • 65 times more powerful than vitamin C
  • 54 times stronger than beta-carotene
  • 14 times more potent than vitamin E

Plus, astaxanthin has been shown to be more effective than other carotenoids and other nutrients at ‘singlet oxygen quenching’ by being up to…

  • 550 times more powerful than vitamin E
  • 800 times stronger than CoQ10
  • 6000 times greater than vitamin C
  • 550 times more powerful than green tea catechins
  • 11 times stronger than beta-carotene

As a singlet oxygen quenching’ substance... Astaxanthin was even found to be as much as 2.75 stronger than lutein.  

What if you could…
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dry skin, age spots, and freckles?
  • Boost your brain and nervous system protection from free radicals?
  • Help reduce the visible signs of aging?
  • Promote your joint and skeletal system health?
  • Potentially enhance your skin protection from sun-induced free radicals?
And if you’re an athlete, or even a weekend warrior, what if you could…
  • Increase your strength and stamina?
  • Improve your endurance?
  • Enable faster recovery from exercise?
  • Reduce joint and muscle soreness after a vigorous workout?
  • Enhance your visual acuity and depth perception?
Here's how it is so effective:
  • Able to cross the blood-brain barrier and the blood-retinal barrier (beta-carotene and some others don’t do this)…
  • Protects your eyes, brain, and nervous system from oxidative stress
  • Potentially reduces DNA damage caused by free radicals

By adding antioxidants to your diet to help combat sun-induced free radicals in your skin, you can help to potentially avoid…
  • Premature skin aging
  • Excessive wrinkling
  • Skin Dryness
  • Excessive number of age spots
  • Proliferation of freckles
Antioxidants are generally classified into two broad categories…water soluble (hydrophilic) and lipid soluble (hydrophobic).  Your body needs both types of antioxidants because each one targets different types of cells and tissues for free radical scavenging…
  • Water soluble antioxidants –  Examples of water soluble antioxidants include… vitamin C, glutathione, and catechins.
  • Lipid soluble antioxidants –  Examples of lipid-soluble antioxidants include… vitamins E, A, and beta carotene.
The efficacy of water- and lipid-soluble antioxidants is more powerful when taken together

I strongly recommend Resveratrol as your water soluble antioxidant.


Dr. Mercola

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