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Why I went Paleo?

Why I went Paleo...after years and years of trying to figure out what was causing my pain?  I finally decided that all of my troubles had begun on the inside. Whether it was something I was getting too much of,  not enough of or the fact that certain foods just do not agree with me I realized that I needed to pay attention to what my body was telling me.  Mine was saying "you are allergic to dairy and gluten".  "You don't process sugar properly and if you don't stop eating things that contribute to your pain you will get sicker".  I had two choices be stubborn and try to be like everyone else, or stop causing my body so much pain.  I chose to look into ways that could help me live without the pain.

I have lived with endometriosis pain for the past 10 years.  The pain that I used to regularly experience would always start just over the right hip and it would nag at me.  Generally, this pain would get worse if I ate any type of acid forming foodsAcid forming foods are generally anything that is not a fruit of vegetable.  I wouldn't say I was addicted to sugar, but it doesn't take much to create inflammation and endometriosis is all about inflammation.  

Another thing I discovered was that I had Candida. Signs of Candida (yeast overgrowth) can hide from you unless you are really paying attention and then other times the signs are so blatant that it is undeniable.  Ultimately if you live on the true American diet...dairy, sugar, wheat, meat and all things acid forming then you too are most likely full of Candida.  For me I found out in the middle of the night when my thumb started throbbing.   The pain was so unbearable I honestly wanted to chop it off.  The first thing I did was grab my bottle of tea tree oil and soak my thumb in it until it was substantially numb and I could finally relax enough to go to sleep.  After that evening I realized that again my body was talking to me and trying to let me know that I needed to change something.

Then there were those monster migraines.  I have lived with migraines my whole life but until a few years ago I did not realize that it was food that was causing many of them.   When I started to look at the foods I was eating and how my body responded after, I discovered a pattern.  My body naturally does not like foods that are not good for me which generally include all dairy and gluten products.  Maybe I am just super sensitive, or maybe it's my bodies way of protecting me from the things I shouldn't be eating anyway.  

I really struggled with this concept.  I can honestly say it has taking me many phases, over several years and taking baby steps to get to where I am now with food.  I did not want to believe that I was any different than anyone, why couldn't I eat what I wanted?  Why did it have to be so complicated? 

Complicated or not... I soon learned it's what you make of it.  I was not educated on foods that would be good for me, of course I had a basic understanding of good food, but I really did not understand why it was better for me.  I did not fully understand how important it is to not only avoid the foods that make me sick, but to make sure I eat the right foods that can provide my body with important nutrients.  So I decided to dig a little deeper and look at the nutrients I may be deficient in, by doing an elimination diet it was easy for me to discover what I should not be eating.  By analyzing my symptoms it became easier for me to determine what I needed to add into my diet to help me overcome my health issues. As time has gone on I have been able to adjust my diet and supplements based upon my current state of health.

The goal is to get your body to alkalinity.  Disease and disorder do not like alkalinity.  To achieve this goal you should focus on eating 80% raw and 20% meat.  Just fixing your ph balance alone can change your outlook and health.

While on this journey I was also introduced to "The Paleo Solution" by Robb Wolff, by a friend who has been in the nutrition and health business for over 22 years.  After reading the book I got a much clearer picture on how anyone could virtually change their lives for the better by simply going back to basics with food and following this book. 

Another issue I have been asked repeatedly is how do you afford to eat this way?  Honestly, I spend less than I ever had before because we are not buying the processed foods any more.  We make our own meals so the portions are closer to what we actually need.  I spend less time going to doctor's and I don't have a need for expensive medications.  When you take care of your body from the inside out all of your disorders have a way of disappearing which eliminates your need to spend money on anything other than just staying healthy.

The key to reclaiming your health, your body and your life is in your tummy.  Learn more about how you can help yourself by visiting my 'alkalinity chart', do your research, and build a regimen that works for you. 

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