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How I'm beating Endo

Here's how I'm beating it...
1.  Live alkaline. Alkalinity is important as it will reduce inflammation and the ability for inflammation to rule your body
2.  Here are a list of the cleanses I have gone thru.  I did each one separately with about a month in between each one.  For all cleanses I f\removed meat from the menu while on the cleanse and went all plant based.
  • Yeast cleanse first because it gave me immediate results (took 5 months to get rid of the candida, but candida is the cause of many of our disorders).  For more information on candida you can find it on or google it.
    • Probiotics (1 daily - Natren or Garden of Life)
    • Yeast Cleanse - by solaray (follow the bottle)
    • Chlorophyll (2 x's daily 1 tsp to an ounce)
    • Nutrition - focus on veggies (as much raw as possible) fruits (grapefruit, lemon and berries) nuts, seeds and fish (NOTHING ELSE)
  • Gallbladder cleanse
    • Lemon and Olive oil before bed (you can get a recipe for this online) Drink it right before bed and lay on your side
    • Gallstonex - by Solaray (follow the bottle)
    • Probiotics (1 daily - Natren or Garden of Life)
    • Chlorophyll (2x's daily - liquid)
    • Nutrition stick with Yeast cleanse diet
  • Kidney and Liver Cleanse
    • Milk Thistle (follow the bottle - liquid)
    • Marshmallow root tea ( 1 tsp to 1 tblspn in a cup of hot water - heat the water add the marshmallow - blend in a blender and drink - tastes like lima bean :) )
    • Dandelion root (tablespoon in the am/pm)
    • Total Kidney Cleanse - by Solaray (follow the bottle)
    • Probiotic (Natren or Garden of Life - 1 time a day)
    • Chlorophyll (2 x's daily - liquid is best)
    • Nutrition - stick with yeast cleanse diet
  • Heavy Metal Detox and Overall Colon Cleanse
3.  Exercise
5.  Meditation
6.  Yoga
I've done all of these cleanses in the last year and have focused on the 6 listed items.  I finally feel like my body is starting to heal and get better.  The endometriosis pains are gone and I now manage with the following items:

Fish Oil twice daily
Multi Vitamin - whole food

For a daily diet
The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf is the best book to get your hands on, and we have seen many people change their lives with it's help.  You can balance alkaline and proteins while giving your body the best chance at beating the inflammations.

My Favorite Sites:

This has been my solution to a long painful journey.  If you decide to try this for yourself please keep in mind we all have our own rate at which we heal and absorb.  This is a lifestyle change and not an overnight fix.  If you have serious complications or concerns you should always consult a natural path physician for help. 

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