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Cabbage Fajita Wraps

One of my favorite foods has always been fajitas and up until recently I had no idea how bad corn could be and with fajitas comes the corn tortillas.  So I thought what if I were to make our fajitas the same way but instead of using a corn tortilla we could use a cabbage wrap.  One night I surprised my husband with a tray of fajita options for him to make his own wraps and it was amazing.  It felt great to know that I had made a meal that could actually be of benefit to our bodies and I look forward to all our future fajita cabbage nights.

Here is a quick recipe for making your own:

You'll Need:

Turkey, Chicken, Fish, or Lean Beef (range free, no hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics and wild caught)
Bell peppers(Green, Red, Yellow)
Diced Tomatoes 
Hot Sauce or Hot peppers
Shredded green leaf lettuce
Black beans
Shredded goat Cheese (The Naked Goat or Drunken Goat is the best) - OPTIONAL

Cut, dice and prepare all of your veggies and cheese in they're own separate bowls or containers
Prepare and cook the meat with the hot sauce and coconut oil.  Add onions and garlic for more flavor

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