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Nettles & Fenuthyme to the seasonal allergy rescue

Do you get a seasonal cold? One in the spring and one in the Fall?  You may be suffering from allergies.  In the spring and the fall there are so many allergens in the air from the pollens to the molds. These allergens can attack an unsuspecting person and make them feel like they are coming down with a cold when actually it's your immune response reacting to the allergens.  Most Americans eat far too many grains, sugar and dairy all of which are considered an acid forming food.

Realizing that I am not the most technical person I won't bore you with the details.  In a nut shell,  your body becomes overloaded with jobs to do, or at least that is the way I like to visualize how it works.    The human body needs to stay ph balanced and alkaline in order to keep our immune responses at it's highest capability.  When you've eaten too many acid forming foods your internal system will start looking for alkalinity.  In the process it will steal whatever it can from your body to keep you alkaline, this essentially leaves an opportunity for outside elements to attack an wreak havoc on your now defenseless system.

How do you help yourself through this time?  How do you stop it completely? 
  1. Eat more greens!  Raw fruits and vegetables have enzymes that help your body break food down so your body can easily absorb the nutrients.
  2. Cut out the grains, dairy and processed foods
  3. Eat only organic, naturally raised, no hormones, range free meat products
  4. Take Nettles and FenuThyme
  5. See a Maximized Living Chiropractor


1)Nettles - Suggested Use:  2 caps/tablets am & 2 caps/tablets pm during times of seasonal distress.  A third dose can be added if it feels like it's not working.

Nettles have been used for centuries to treat allergy symptoms, particularly hayfever which is the most common allergy problem.  It contains biologically active compounds that reduce inflammation.

In my own life it has replaced all of my decongestants, antihistamines, allergy shots and even prescription medications such as Allegra and Zyrtec.  Nettles offer a beneficial solution without all of the medicated side effects you would get from prescriptions.

It can be used on a regular basis and has a number of other benefits.

Nettles has been studied extensively and has shown promise in treating Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, asthma, bladder infections, bronchitis, bursitis, gingivitis, gout, hives, kidney stones, laryngitis, multiple sclerosis, PMS, prostate enlargement, sciatica, and tendinitis!

Externally it can be used for dandruff or an itchy scalp, treat skin complaints, arthritic pain, gout, sciatica, neuralgia, hemorrhoids and hair problems.

Currently Germany uses stinging nettles as an herbal drug for prostate diseases and as a diuretic. It is also commonly used in other herbal drugs for rheumatic complaints and inflammatory conditions (especially for the lower urinary tract and prostate).

The nettle leaf has many extraordinary healing properties used here as a diuretic, for arthritis, prostatitis, rheumatism, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, excessive menstruation, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure and allergic rhinitis. 

In addition, nettle's aerial parts may reduce the amount of histamine that is produced by the body in response to an allergen. An allergen is a substance such as pollen that may provoke an exaggerated immune response in individuals who are sensitive to it. Through this potential action, the aerial parts of nettle may help to reduce allergy symptoms.

2)FenuThyme - (Fenugreek & Thyme)  Suggested Use:  2capsules am & 2capsules pm during times of seasonal distress.  A third dose can be added if it feels like it's not working.

Fenugreek & Thyme is an herbal combination designed to support the respiratory system. It relieves congestion, reduces inflammation and fights infection. Fenugreek & Thyme contains expectorant properties ideal for treating sinus and lung congestion, and loosens and removes excess mucus and phlegm.

Fenugreek & Thyme is an excellent source of selenium, an antiradiant which helps the body utilize oxygen. Additionally, it is also a natural source of iron, silicon, sodium and thiamine.

Fenugreek contains mucilagins which are known for soothing and relaxing inflamed tissues. Fenugreek stimulates the production of mucosal fluids helping remove allergens and toxins from the respiratory tract. Acting as an expectorant, fenugreek alleviates coughing, stimulates perspiration to reduce fevers, and is beneficial for treating allergies, bronchitis and congestion.

Thyme has been used for centuries for its aromatic qualities. Thyme contains volatile oils that have antiseptic qualities which are ideal for treating infections of the respiratory system. Thyme also contains antispasmodic properties ideal for relieving chronic coughing, muscle spasms and headaches.

The herbal combination Fenugreek & Thyme is beneficial for treating asthma, respiratory tract infections, sinus congestion and various respiratory problems. Fenugreek & Thyme helps build the immune system, calm agitated nerves and tissues, and aid poor digestion.

    •    Supports Ear Health
    •    Relief of Occasional Upper Respiratory Discomfort
    •    Helps Soothe Mucous Membranes

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