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Living with endo & how I am evicting him

Oh the pain pain pain in my's been there for over a decade. How do I get rid of it? The doctor's would like me to have another operation and treat me with hormone therapy for the rest of my life.

What? The rest of my life? I have alot of life still to live I am still in my 30's for goodness sake. They've already taken my right ovary and my uterus. I don't want anymore surgeries nor do I think it's necessary. I started researching endo and found another person who was talking about her experiences from the UK. She was diagnosed with one of the worst cases 6 years ago and she decided to embark on a journey to reverse. Reverse it? is it possible...

Let's take a minute to recap what is causing it:

Denying true love of self?

Yes it is true both my mother and my grandmother had it, so that means I should have it? I could allow this type of thinking if I really believed in it, but I don't. Why should I believe for one second that something is what it is because that is what I've been told? If we all believed what we were told without investigating or questioning then we would have never evolved the way we have. Thankfully our brains are smarter than that and we have the ability to change the way we think, feel and believe... if we want to. I completely believe that genetics or not once you have identified the issue you need to research the possibility of it being reversed. Sure there are some diseases out there that this would not work on, but for the most part there are many that can be reversed and I believe that ENDO is one of them.

How am I changing it?

Retrain Your Thinking!

Your perception of what is and what isn't possible could be all the difference you need.

1)Visualize a strong healthy body.
2)Watch funny movies.
3)See opportunity and possiblities.

Change your Language!

How you speak to yourself, about yourself and others may directly effect your body physically.

1)Tell your body you love it.
2)Give positive affirmations to yourself daily.
3)Give positive feedback to others.

Give to yourself!

If there is no you then none of this will really matter.

1)Make time for proper nutrition. Find out what your body type needs and might be missing.
2)Eat organic food without hormones, steroids, other chemical toxins and preservatives.
3)Focus on 'LIVE' food... fruits and vegetables(especially green ones)
4)Try to maintain an alkaline is hard for disease to live in an alkaline body.
5)Supplement nutrition with quality herbs, vitamins, aminos and minerals
6)Exercise - even if it's just walking around the block everyday
7)Yoga - there are many forms of yoga and probably one of the best that can be done by anyone is Dahn Hak, they even have videos that specialize on people who may have disabilities or debilitating disorders.
8)Make time for meditation - it is not only important to help you with perception, but it is great for clearing your mind and relieving stress
9)Limit stress - Try to align yourself with positive people and if learn to let go of situations you may be trying to control. The only true thing you have control over is how you respond.
10)Cry - Schedule time to release your stress through crying. Don't wait till it's bottled up and there's no return, schedule a night for yourself to let it go.
11)Give yourself 'me' time. You deserve it. Watch a movie, take a bath, make your favorite meal, read a book or any other thing that brings you joy.
12)Regularly see an acupuncturists... their methods for helping your body heal are phenomenal and you deserve it.
13)Regularly see a chiropractor... I would suggest a "Maximized Living" chiropractor because their approach to healing encompasses supporting a healthy spine with routine exercise, nutrition and supplementation.
14)Regularly see a massage therapist... YOU DESERVE IT.
15)Another great idea is to see a Reiki healer. Everything is made from energy and Reiki healers focus on healing your energy.

Give to others!
By helping others your naturally begin to help yourself.

1)Help people or animals today. Volunteer.
2)Practice random acts of kindness.
3)Donate to charity.

Yes it is true that many of these suggestions might cost something, however, how much does the surgery cost, the second surgery, third, fourth? How much are you worth? How much do you spend on medications? How much are your groceries now? What is your health worth to you?

My family went from spending almost $200 a week to $70 a week on groceries when we made the switch to organic and cooking for ourselves.


1)When does your grocery store have more sales? We found that Mondays were the best day to get deals.
2)When buying organic produce shop the sales, shop for reasonable prices and don't buy if it seems excessive.
3)When you shop only in produce and meats you automatically eliminate processed foods.
4)Processed foods actually cost more on average and when you stop buying them you will notice a change in your food bill.
5)Watch the local papers for sales and coupons.
6)Make a menu and grocery list for the week before heading out to the store.

By taking better care of yourself in the long run you will actually end up spending less, it's only when we get impatient and allow for quick solutions and what we think are easy fixes to become apart of life that we spend more both in money and resources.

In the case of emergencies, nothing should ever be substituted for proper medical care.

The focus of this blog is to alert you and educate you about all natural products that may help you the way they have helped me or others.

Disclaimer: The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of I'm Holistic, unless otherwise noted. Individual articles are based upon the opinions of the respective author, who retains copyright as marked. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experiences of I'm Holistic. I'm Holistic encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

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