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Yeast Cleanse

Why do we need a Yeast Cleanse?

The average American eats more sugar, acid forming foods and processed foods than any other country in the world.  Our health suffers from these habits and makes it difficult for your body to function, heal and recover from other ailments that might attack you because it is too busy trying to save you from the yeast and an acid environment.

Our bodies are meant to be alkaline and because of this fact our body struggles to restore our PH to balance after each meal, unless we are part of the few who make sure to eat 80% alkaline and 20% acid.  Blame it on media, society, education, or the need for 'quick' easy to prepare meals so we can get back to whatever else was more important than taking the time to take care of ourselves.  The truth is, it is easier than it looks.  You can live and eat better nutrition for less than you spend on average now for the processed foods, meals out and medical expenses that cover when you're body has had enough of trying to save you from yourself.  I was skeptical about this myself.  I thought by buying organic that our food bill would be so much more. But honestly it went down. I am more confident now about what we are eating and I have a much better understanding on how each item can help my body.

Candida - Yeast can live inside of us for years undetected.  It can be the root to other disorder in your body and impair your body functions.  It has been known to put out a chemical response much like what you would experience from a hangover, it can make you feel anxiety, lack of clarity and the list goes on. 

A great book that can help you completely understand Candida and it's symptoms is "The Yeast Connection".  With the help of this book, detox and following a simple nutrition plan you too can be on your way to feeling great.

Yeast cleanse  (Generally you need to do a yeast cleanse for every decade that you are alive).  For more information on candida you can find it on or google it.

  • Probiotics (1 daily - Natren or Garden of Life)
  • Yeast Cleanse - by solaray (follow the bottle)
  • Chlorophyll (2 x's daily 1 tsp to an ounce)
  • Nutrition - focus on veggies (as much raw as possible) fruits (grapefruit, lemon and berries) nuts, seeds and fish (NOTHING ELSE) 

This blog is intended to help offer natural, holistic solutions that have helped many and in no way replaces the need for medical attention.  If you have an emergency you should always consult your physician.  

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