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Your Life Style can Change YOUR LIFE

Everyone's immune strengths and weaknesses are different. Take time to make a journal, diary or spreadsheet. Your "LIFESTYLE" can change your life!

Food for thought... if a patient contracts HIV(human immune virus) and continues to live the lifestyle that got them the HIV to begin with, then the CDC estimates that the average lifespan is 8-10 years before it turns into AIDS(auto immune deficiency). AIDS appears through "opportunistic" diseases. An opportunistic disease is one that preys on a weak immune system. Once it has become AIDS, patients on average have an 18 month life expectancy. [ref:2007 Howard Hughes Medical Institute study from the evolution to the epidemic of AIDS]

If this is true, does it not make you curious that if a person were to change their lifestyle which caused the "immune deficiencies" is it then possible that you could improve your lifestyle to diminish your deficiency, fight off bad cells, create new ones, and ultimately give an eviction notice to any unwelcome inhabitants?

Look at alcoholism...keep drinking and it will continue to deteriorate your body.  Keep smoking and eventually you will not be able to breathe.  If you have any disorder in your body you ultimately know that a change needs to take place.  I am hypoglycemic, allergic to dairy and gluten so I know that I should avoid sugar, dairy, wheat, pasta, and many other products processed with gluten.   If continue adding these items to my food then my body pays a price, and ultimately I am causing my own deterioration.

Living in moderation and balance can be a challenge especially when we are all faced with external stress, challenge and life in general.  We all have choices, and we all can learn how to better take care of ourselves if we really want to.

Combine a strategy of "Lifestyle Change" with positive mental "BELIEF" make your body, mind and soul the strongest it can be and I believe you can improve your life, change your life, and even heal your life


There are never any guarantees, I might walk outside later and get hit by a bus. This is a simple suggestion that if we could remove all thoughts of what we've been taught and learn a new set of disciplines to live by what do we have to lose? A better life, without pain? Either way we will have a better experience here or after, why not try it's better than the alternative, not trying.

Paying attention

Today I awoke remembering a dream I had, had the night before. I was with my husband and a dear friend and we were traveling. It felt like it was the end of an era. Along the way I ran into my sister and she needed my help. After I helped her we ended up in a fishing town. A man approached me who was larger than life and pointed to the sky. The sky was intense and it looked like it was about to rain terror over us all. Everyone around me was scared, but somehow I knew everything would be ok. The man who now stood to my left said "it will be ok" and put his arms out for me. It felt like people had given up on the world, so the world had turned on people. Out of fear I started to pray to wake up... I knew that if we could wake up we could start again, we would have another chance. I believe there is still time for us, we can be better, get better, love one another and encourage each other.

When I awoke I started my morning meditation with my tarot cards. Using my tarot cards help me focus on positive thoughts for the day. I began asking my questions and here are my interpretations.


Open my mind to all ideas. Stay open! A seed has been planted and now it is time to sow and grow.


Today there are many peaceful, harmonious things that await me. Gravitate towards your heart and harmony.

Upside Down - Source

Move forward. I have been learning and watching the seeds that have been planted and some aspects are coming to completion. The dream that you just experienced is to show you that you still have time to plant more. Do the work.

Upside Down - Past Life

You are ready to move on to new heights. Today is a day of careful movement but movement is necessary. You understand your karmic responsibility and reason for existing and now is the time to help others.

Upside Down - New Vision

Take the vision you have that you have always had and make sure it reaches others. You are in touch with all you manifest so starting today you can build yourself up just as easily as you can tear yourself apart.

Upside Down - Intensity

Take it slow and steady. Like the tortoise and the hare the tortoise wins the race. Pace yourself, put together a plan that touches on your dreams and new realities. Do it with grace.

Upside Down - Master

To be a master, you need to act like one. Your actions must align with your words. We all have the ability to be a master, master your moment.

Upside Down - Celebration

There is a celebration all around you, let it in.

My Summary

Celebrate everyday with or without an invitation. You have already have the gift, now share it with everyone.

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