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Why buy organic

Organic vs. conventional grown vegetables - Why buy organic?It has never been easier to shop for organic food, and there has never been so many choices. Every food category now has an organic alternative. It's also common sense; organic food is good food. Good to eat, good for the environment, good for the small-scale farmers and the farm workers who produce it.

  • organic vs. conventional grown vegetables veg graphicChefs across the country are committed to using organic ingredients because plants from healthy soils and organically fed livestock provide us with more flavorful food. 
  • Organic foods allow true flavor to shine through unlike other non-organic foods that look and taste good but are often full of E numbers and artificial flavorings and ingredients. 
  • By supporting local, sustainable and organic farms in your local community you also support the larger community of which we are all a part. 
  • By eating organic food you are providing the healthiest choice for your family and supporting the farms that provide us with healthy and ecological neighborhoods. 
Locally the food movement is flourishing - over 15% of people buy organic food locally and this number continues to rise as the number of farmer's markets, box schemes, cafes and restaurants serving organic food increase.

Help secure our nutritional future by buying organic.  It sometimes costs more, but I have been very successful at buying foods that are reasonably priced or on sale.  If it cost too much, well then it's not on the menu that week.

Also, making your own garden helps greatly to ensure you know exactly what you are eating.  Buy non-hybrid seeds, work on creating an optimal growing environment, whether you make a green house, a box or a full outside garden, having your own vegetables and herbs can greatly cut your food costs.

By buying non-hybrid seeds and organic foods you are telling the system that you do not want GMO's in your food.  That you want food that maintains it's nutritional value naturally.

Another option is sprouting, sprouting is a great way to garden and ensure that you will have ample food supplies that can keep up with your family's needs.

Our bodies depend on vitamins, minerals and nutrients we can only get from live food.  And our live food needs to contain all of these nutrients naturally, otherwise, in the long run the damage from eating foods that are modified could alter our health as well.

Benefits of Organic Farming:
  • Organic farming severely restricts the use of artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides. 
  • Instead, organic farmers rely on developing a healthy, fertile soil and growing a mixture of crops. 
  • Animals are reared without the routine use of drugs, antibiotics and wormers common in intensive livestock farming. 
Synthetic dyes and ingredients such as Sudan1 were in the national news in February and can cause cancer. See for further details. Genetically modified (GMO's) crops and ingredients are not allowed under organic standards.

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