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Tea Tree Oil and Insect bites


Tea tree oil is great for insect bites.  I have found that by taking the tree oil and applying it with a cotton ball or q-tip every couple of hours to the bite.. the itching goes away, the bite heals faster and I'm not scratching at it.


If you happen to get bit by a Brown Recluse or Black Widow mix the tea tree oil with some activated charcoal until it is a paste.   You can do this by applying the tea tree oil first, then add some activated charcoal and blend them together right on the bite site.


Apply to your wound and cover with a warm wash cloth you can use a heating pad over the top at a low setting as well.  Do this for 15 min.  Keep applying every two hours until the bite is gone. The combination of the two will actually pull the venom and toxins out of your skin.


take Grapefruit Seed Extract 1 drop per every 10 pounds of body weight at least 4 times a day to help fight off infection.  

Add Chlorophyll 4 times a day to your diet as well this will help push the toxins out of your body and help purify the blood.  

Add Activated Charcoal capsules in the morning on an empty stomach to help your body internal pulls poisons out.

In the case of emergencies, nothing should ever be substituted for proper medical care.
This focus of this blog is to alert you to natural products that you can have on hand that can help you deal with most non-critical situations.

By having these products on hand in your first aid kit you will be well prepared for many conditions.  Should you feel you need emergency care please consult your physician, clinic or hospital for assistance.

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