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My Journey My Dandelion Miracle....

You know after everything I'd been told my body needed to take, to mask the pain to help me cope I found something that really helps me and when I say it helps me... it helps me in more ways than one.

What if you could take something that comes from your own backyard?  If you don't feel like growing it you don't have to they now supply this at your local health food store in both bulk, capsules and tea.  With this simple plant based supplement I have been able to manage my endometriosis and knee pain, lose water weight, forget about cramps, reduced my headaches,  regulate my sugars, flush my kidney and support my liver functions.

What could this miracle be?  Dandelion root!  I started taking Dandelion root sometime in April of 2010 and somewhere after a month or so I noticed my chronic knee pain was gone, then the pains I generally felt from my endometriosis were gone as well.  I have since made Dandelion root a very crucial part of my day and take a tablespoon in the am and a second one in the pm religiously.

Here are some more reasons you might want to consider Dandelion root in your diet:

Traditionally, dandelion has been used to cure breast illnesses, bloating, disorders of the gastrointestinal system, aching joints, and skin conditions. The leaves have large amounts of numerous vitamins, including A, C, D, and B-complexes, as well as minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc potassium, manganese, copper, choline, calcium, boron, and silicon.

General Information

For many people, dandelions are simply a yard pest. However, dandelions are very rich in nutrients. Traditionally, the roots and leaves of the plant have been used as medicines for breast maladies, bloating, digestive disorders, aching joints, fevers, and skin disorders. The leaves of the plant are very rich in vitamins, including A, C, D, and B-complex. They also have high levels of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc potassium, manganese, copper, choline, calcium, boron, and silicon. The most active ingredient in dandelions, eudesmanolide and germacranolide, are found only in dandelions.

Dandelion Uses and Health Benefits

The leaves of the plant are very nutrient-rich, and so they make good supplements for women who are pregnant or elderly women. Dandelion can also be used as a gentle diuretic and can decrease serum cholesterol in some people. The root can be an appetite stimulant and it can treat some digestive disorders. Today, many herbal doctors use dandelion to purify the liver and gallbladder of toxins. Research indicates that dandelions can treat pneumonia, bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders. Dandelion can improve general health, and is beneficial to the kidneys, pancreas, spleen, stomach, and other organs. Dandelion is also recommended for the treatment of tinnitus, tonsillitis, osteoporosis, abscesses, anemia, boils, mammary tumors, cirrhosis, water retention, hepatitis, jaundice, rheumatism, and warts. Dandelion may also be effective in eliminating or averting age spots. Some people also use toasted dandelion root as a healthier alternative to coffee.

Dandelion Benefits also include:

1)It is a gentle diuretic, helping to gently remove excess fluid from your body while maintaining your potassium needs.
2)It can purify the bloodstream and liver, and it can stimulate the manufacture of bile
3)It can decrease the amounts of serum cholesterol and uric acid
4)It can maximize the performance of the kidneys, pancreas, spleen, and stomach
5)It is very beneficial to menopausal women
6)It is effective in treating abscesses, anemia, boils, breast tumors, and cirrhosis of the liver
7)It may avert the development of age spots or breast cancer
8)It can regulate blood pressure
9)It can stabilize blood sugar levels
10)It can assist with the management of osteoporosis and arthritis.
11)It is great for people and pets

Dandelion Nutritional Content

Lactupicrine, a bitter principle, tannin, inulin and a latexlike substance, polysaccharides, carotene

Side Effects/Interactions

Some individuals experience stomach pain because of hyperacidity. It is safe to use with other drugs.

For information on how and where to find Dandelion Root visit our "Health First Store"

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