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Meditation 1 - The Basics

 Every morning when you wake up, take a few moments to visualize, to feel happiness, to notice all those things about this new day that are going on around you. Is it warm, cold, are their birds, is it noisy, is it calm, journal your morning meditation and help others see this day in a new light.

What you'll need:

A quiet place
Sit or lay down
close your eyes
and focus on your breathing
There is nothing else
just you and your breathing

(if you get disctracted pay attention to your breathing is it short, shallow, long, deep. Focus, focus focus)

There is nothing else
Let your mind be free
Let your breathing center you and connect you to the ground

Hold this for a minimum of 15 minutes and work up to 30 min.

Do this everyday to start your day.


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