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Master Liver & Galbladder Cleanse Step 3


  • You can't clean a liver with living parasites in it. You won't get many stones, and you will feel quite sick. Zap daily the week before and complete the parasite killing program before attempting a liver cleanse. If you are on the maintenance parasite program, you are always ready to do the cleanse.

  • Completing the kidney cleanse before cleansing the liver is also highly recommended. You want your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract in top working condition so they can efficiently remove any undesirable substances incidentally absorbed from the intestine as the bile is being excreted.

Epsom salts 4 tablespoons
3 cups of water
3 cups water (=750 dl)  (P.S .!! 1 cup = 250 ml = 2.5 dl = 0.25 l )
Olive oil 1/2 (half) cup (light olive oil is easier to get down), and for best results, ozonate it for 20 minutes. Add 2 drops HCl.
Fresh pink grapefruit 1 large or 2 small, enough to squeeze 2/3 cup juice. Hot wash twice first and dry each time.
Ornithine 4 to 8, to be sure you can sleep. Don't skip this or you may have the worst night of your life!
Large plastic straw To help drink potion.
Pint jar with lid
Black Walnut Tincture, any strength 10 to 20 drops, to kill parasites coming from the liver.

EPSOM salts  = Magnesium Sulphate =  EPSOMITE = Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate

Choose a day like Saturday for the cleanse, since you will be able to rest the next day. Take no medicines, vitamins or pills that you can do without; they could prevent success. Stop the parasite program and kidney herbs, too, the day before. Eat a no-fat breakfast and lunch such as cooked cereal, fruit, fruit juice, bread and preserves or honey (no butter or milk). This allows the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure pushes out more stones.
2:00 PM. Do not eat or drink after 2 o'clock. If you break this rule you could feel quite ill later. Get your Epsom salts ready. Mix 4 tbs. in 3 cups water and pour this into a jar. This makes four servings, 3/4 (three fourths) cup each. Set the jar in the refrigerator to get ice cold (this is for convenience and taste only).

You can substitute 3 cups water used in this recipe to dissolve Epsom salt with 3 cups freshly pressed grapefruit or orange or freshly pressed apple juice.  That way you will not feel unpleasant taste of Magnesium Sulphate

6:00 PM. Drink one serving 3/4 (three fourths cup) of the ice cold Epsom salts. If you did not prepare this ahead of time, mix 1 tbs. in 3/4 (three fourth) cup water now. You may add 1/8 (one eight) tsp. vitamin C powder to improve the taste. You may also drink a few mouthfuls of water afterwards or rinse your mouth. Get the olive oil (ozonated, if possible) and grapefruit out to warm up.
Alternative Schedule 1: Omit the first Epsom Slats dose at 6 p.m. Take only one dose, waiting till 8 p.m. Change nothing else. Many people still get stones with one less dose. If you do not, do the full course next time.  "The Cure For HIV and AIDS" By Hulda Clark pg.585
8:00 PM. Repeat by drinking another 3/4 (three fourths) cup of Epsom salts. You haven't eaten since two o'clock, but you won't feel hungry. Get your bedtime chores done. The timing is critical for success.
9:45 PM. Pour 1/2 (half) cup (measured) olive oil into the pint jar. Add 2 drops HCl to sterilize. Wash grapefruit twice in hot water and dry; squeeze by hand into the measuring cup. Remove pulp with fork. You should have at least 1/2 (half) cup, more (up to 3/4 (three fourths) cup) is best. You may use part lemonade. Add this to the olive oil. Also add Black Walnut Tincture. Close the jar tightly with the lid and shake hard until watery (only fresh grapefruit juice does this).

Can you use some other freshly pressed fruit juice?
If you are allergic to grapefruit or if you can not get it or if you don't want to use grapefruit, you can substituted grapefruit with any other sour fruit.
Example: orange, pomello, lemon, pineaplle, lime, sour apples, sour grapes, sour berries etc.
or any other sour fruit juice, if grapefruit is not available.
If grapefruit is available, use grapefruit.
 If using lemon juice, do not blend juice with oil.  Drink little oil, little juice, from 2 differnt cups.
Mixing Olive oild with lemon juice may produce gell like consistency, something that is not very easy to swallow.  It never happens with grapefruit juice!
Can you use some other oil?
You can substitute Olive Oil with any other cold pressed oil like:
sunflower oil, corn oil, rape seed oil, walnut oil, almond oil, haselnut oil, cashew oil, grape seeds oil, sesame seeds oil, hemp oil, flax seeds oil, and any other natural plant oil.

Now visit the bathroom one or more time, even if it makes you late for your ten o'clock drink. Don't be more than 15 minutes late. You will get fewer stones.

10:00 PM. Drink the potion you have mixed. Take 4 ornithine capsules with the first sips to make sure you will sleep through the night. Take 8 if you already suffer from insomnia. Drinking through a large plastic straw helps it go down easier. You may use oil and vinegar salad dressing, or straight honey to chase it down between sips. Have these ready in a tablespoon on the kitchen counter. Take it all to your bedside if you want, but drink it standing up. Get it down within 5 minutes (fifteen minutes for very elderly or weak persons).
Lie down immediately. You might fail to get stones out if you don't. The sooner you lie down the more stones you will get out.

 "You might fail to get stones out if you don't"
Getting the "stones" out should not be the main goal of the liver cleanse.  It has been shown that many of the stones are composed of bile, created inside intestines during the liver flush, during night.  Getting the bile out (precipitated into a green "stones") should not be the main goal of a liver flush. The main goal should be getting rid of symptoms, whatever they are. Read the next messages to understand this comment:
In other words, it may be irrelevant if you are getting some visible stones out or not. Your health should be the only valid indicator of the success of liver flush.

Be ready for bed ahead of time. Don't clean up the kitchen. As soon as the drink is down walk to your bed and lie down flat on your back with your head up high on the pillow. Try to think about what is happening in the liver. Try to keep perfectly still for at least 20 minutes. You may feel a train of stones traveling along the bile ducts like marbles. There is no pain because the bile duct valves are open (thank you Epsom salts!). Go to sleep, you may fail to get stones out if you don't.

Next morning. Upon awakening take your third dose of Epsom salts. If you have indigestion or nausea wait until it is gone before drinking the Epsom salts. You may go back to bed. Don't take this potion before 6:00 am.

2 Hours Later. Take your fourth (the last) dose of Epsom salts. You may go back to bed again.
"The Cure For HIV and AIDS" By Hulda Clark pg.585

Alternative Schedule 2: After taking the first dose of Epsom salts in the morning, wait two hours and take a second dose of the oil mixture (but only 1/2 cup) and go back to bed. After two more hours take another dose of Epsom salts. This schedule can increase the number of stones you remove."

After 2 More Hours you may eat. Start with fruit juice. Half an hour later eat fruit. One hour later you may eat regular food but keep it light. By supper you should feel recovered.
How well did you do? Expect diarrhea in the morning. Use a flashlight to look for gallstones in the toilet with the bowel movement.
You can use colander if you would like to collect all stones

 Look for the green kind since this is proof that they are genuine gallstones, not food residue. Only bile from the liver is pea green. The bowel movement sinks but gallstones float because of the cholesterol inside. Count them all roughly, whether tan or green. You will need to total 2000 stones before the liver is clean enough to rid you of allergies or bursitis or upper back pains permanently.

"Look for the green kind since this is proof that they are genuine gallstones, not food residue."This statement have been shown not to be true. Many green stones are not genuine gallstones, but insread are bile precipitated into solid during the night of the liver flush.
Issue 177: Science Project: Dyeing to Know the Answer

"You will need to total 2000 stones before the liver is clean enough to rid you of allergies or bursitis or upper back pains permanently"
This statement have been shown to be true for some people, and wrong for others.  Some people failed to cure allergies even after 5000 stones.
The number of stones should not be taken as an important measurement of success. In order to achieve health improvement, you may need to repeat liver flush more then 5, 10 or even 15 times.

It may be irrelevant if you are getting some stones out or not. Your health should be the only valid indicator of the success of liver flush.

 The first cleanse may rid you of them for a few days, but as the stones from the rear travel forward, they give you the same symptoms again. You may repeat cleanses at two week intervals. Never cleanse when you are [acutely] ill.
Sometimes the bile ducts are full of cholesterol crystals that did not form into round stones. They appear as a ³chaff² floating on top of the toilet bowl water. It may be tan colored, harboring millions of tiny white crystals. Cleansing this chaff is just as important as purging stones.
How safe is the liver cleanse? It is very safe. My opinion is based on over 500 cases, including many persons in their seventies and eighties. None went to the hospital; none even reported pain. However it can make you feel quite ill for one or two days afterwards, although in every one of these cases the maintenance parasite program had been neglected. This is why the instructions direct you to complete the parasite and kidney cleanse programs first.
You have taken out your gallstones without surgery! I like to think I have perfected this recipe, but I certainly can not take credit for its origin. It was invented hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago, THANK YOU, HERBALISTS!

 "You have taken out your gallstones without surgery!"

This statement have been shown to be true for some people, and wrong for others.
Liver flush can help some people get their gallstones out. It works for people with smaller gallstones and with biliary sludge, regardless of the composition of stones.
Those who have larger gallstones, especially gallstones larger then 1 cm (smallest diameter), more often then not they will not succeed in getting the real gallstones out. Large stones that do appear after a liver cleanse are usually composed of bile, inside intestines, and have not existed in that size or shape inside gallbladder, or inside liver.
But, many people with larger gallstones experienced disappearance of their symptoms after doing liver cleanse. So, while the liver cleanse may not get the larger stones out, it may help with symptoms (gallbladder attack) associated with large gallstones.
Read the next stories!

This procedure contradicts many modern medical viewpoints. Gallstones are thought to be formed in the gallbladder, not the liver. They are thought to be few, not thousands.

 "They are thought to be few, not thousands!"

People who are passing thousands of stones during a liver flush, are most likely not passing real gallstones. They may be passing a few real gallstones mixed with a "stones" formed overnight.  "Stones" are formed from bile, formed inside intestines, during the liver flush.

They are not linked to pains other than gallbladder attacks. It is easy to understand why this is thought: by the time you have acute pain attacks, some stones are in the gallbladder, are big enough and sufficiently calcified to see on X-ray, and have caused inflammation there. When the gallbladder is removed the acute attacks are gone, but the bursitis and other pains and digestive problems remain.
The truth is self-evident. People who have had their gallbladder surgically removed still get plenty of green, bile-coated stones, and anyone who cares to dissect their stones can see that the concentric circles and crystals of cholesterol match textbook pictures of "gallstones" exactly.
From "The Cure for
All Advanced Cancers", p. 562.

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